Comic History of England

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0 Preface 02:11 Video YouTube pending
1 Invasion of Caesar: The Discovery of Tin and Subsequent Enlightenment of Britain 08:26 Video YouTube pending
2 The Various Roman Yokes: Their Growth, Degeneration, and Final Elimination 07:05 Video YouTube pending
3 The Advent of the Angles: Causes Which Led to the Rehabilitation of Britain on New Lines 09:13 Video YouTube pending
4 The Influx of the Danes: Facts Showing Conclusively Their Influence on the Britain of Today 08:51 Video YouTube pending
5 The Troublous Middle Ages: Demonstrating a Short Reign for Those Who Travel at a Royal Gait 08:07 Video YouTube pending
6 The Danish Oligarchy: Disaffections Attending Chronic Usurpation Proclivities 10:32 Video YouTube pending
7 Other Disagreeable Claimants: Foreign Foibles Introduced, Only to be Expunged with Characteristic Pugnacity 12:04 Video YouTube pending
8 The Norman Conquest: Complex Commingling of Facetious Accord and Implaccable Discord 11:43 Video YouTube pending
9 The Feudal System: Successful Inauguration of Homogeneal Methods for Restricting Incompatable Demagogues 06:43 Video YouTube pending
10 The Age of Chivalry: Light Dissertation on the Knights-Errant, Maids, Fools, Prelates, and Other Notorious Characters of that Period 11:53 Video YouTube pending
11 Conquest of Ireland: Uncomfortable Effects Following the Cultivation of an Acquisitorial Propensity 10:05 Video YouTube pending
12 Magna Charta Introduced: Slight Difficulties Encountered in Overcoming an Unpopular and Unreasonable Prejudice 08:12 Video YouTube pending
13 Further Disagreements Recorded: Illustrating the Amiability of the Jew and the Perversity of the Scot 08:35 Video YouTube pending
14 Irritability of the French: Interminable Dissension, Assisted by the Plague, Continues Reducing the Population 09:50 Video YouTube pending
15 More Sanguinary Triumphs: Onward March of Civilization Graphically Delineated with the Historian's Usual Completeness 10:48 Video YouTube pending
16 Unpleasant Caprices of Royalty: Introduction of Printing as a Subsidiary Aid in the Progress of Emancipation 09:06 Video YouTube pending
17 Biography of Richard III: Being an Allegorical Panegyric of the Incontrovertible Machinations of an Egotistical Usurper 07:11 Video YouTube pending
18 Disorder Still the Popular Fad: General Admixture of Pretenders, Religion, Politics, and Disgruntled Monarchs 13:59 Video YouTube pending
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