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1 01 - Book 16, Chapters 1-7: Countries that have no trees; wonders connected with trees from the northern regions; the acorn oak; the civic crown; the origin of the presentation of crowns; persons presented with a crown of leaves; 13 varieties of the acorn 14:40 Video YouTube pending
2 02 - Book 16, Chapters 8-15: The other acorns; wood for fuel; the gall-nut; other productions on these trees; cachrys; the kermes berry; agaric; trees of which the bark is used; shingles 17:51 Video YouTube pending
3 03 - Book 16, Chapters 16-23: The pine; the pinaster; the peach-tree; the fir; the larch; the torch-tree; the yew; methods of making tar; methods by which thick pitch is prepared; how the resin called zopissa is prepared 17:09 Video YouTube pending
4 04 - Book 16, Chapters 24-38: Trees the wood of which is highly valued; four varieties of the ash; two varieties of the linden tree; ten varieties of the maple; bruscum; molluscum; three varieties of the box-tree; the natures of the various trees accordin 24:46 Video YouTube pending
5 05 - Book 16, Chapters 39-50: The natural order of the production of plants; trees which never blosom; the juniper; the fecundation of trees; germination; the appearance of fruit; in what order trees blosom; at what period each tree bears fruit; the corne 18:48 Video YouTube pending
6 06 - Book 16, Chapters 51-61: Which trees become old with the greatest rapidity; trees which bear various products; differences in trees in respect of the trunks and branches; the branches of trees; the bark of trees; the roots of trees; trees which have 19:37 Video YouTube pending
7 07 - Book 16, Chapters 62-69: The ivy; twenty varieties of it; the smilax; water plants; the rush; 28 varieties of the reed; reeds used for arrows; flute reeds; the vine-dressers reed; the willow; eight varieties of it; trees in addition to the willow 23:04 Video YouTube pending
8 08 - Book 16, Chapters 70-79: Rushes; the elder; the bramble; the juices of trees; the veins and fibres of trees; the felling of trees; the opinion of Cato and the felling of timber; the size of trees; methods of obtaining fire from wood; trees which are 30:33 Video YouTube pending
9 09 - Book 16, Chapters 80-95 : Varieties of the teredo; the woods used in building; carpenter's woods; woods united with glue; veneering; the age of trees; trees as old as the city; trees older than the city; trees planted by Agamemnon the first year of t 24:19 Video YouTube pending
10 10 - Book 17, Chapters 1-4 : Trees that have been sold at enormous prices; the influence of weather upon trees; what soild are to be considered the best; the eight kinds of earth boasted of by the Gauls and Greeks 38:00 Video YouTube pending
11 11 - Book 17, Chapters 5-13 :The employment of ashes; manure; crops that tend to improve the land; the proper mode of using manure; the modes in which trees bear; plants which are propagated by seed; trees which never degenerate; propagation by suckers; 16:14 Video YouTube pending
12 12 - Book 17, Chapters 14-19 : Seed-plots; the mode of propagating the elm; the holes for transplanting; the intervals to be left between trees; the nature of the shadow thrown by trees; the dropping of water from the leaves 20:01 Video YouTube pending
13 13 - Book 17, Chapters 20-28: Trees which grow but slowly; trees propagated from layers; grafting; inoculation or budding; the various kinds of grafting; grafting the vine; grafting by scutcheons; plants which grow from a branch; trees which grow from cut 23:07 Video YouTube pending
14 14 - Book 17, Chapters 29-34: The cultivation of the olive; cleaning and baring the roots; willow-beds; reed-beds; other plants that are cut for poles 19:44 Video YouTube pending
15 15 - Book 17, Chapter 35: The culture of the vine 48:13 Video YouTube pending
16 16 - Book 17, Chapters 36-39 : How grapes are protected; the diseases of trees; treatment of the diseases of trees 26:36 Video YouTube pending
17 17 - Book 17, Chapters 40-47: Methods of irrigation; remarkable facts connected with irrigation; incisions made in trees; caprification; errors that may be commited in pruning; the proper mode of manuring trees; medicaments for trees; summary; Roman autho 15:10 Video YouTube pending
18 18 - Book 18, Chapters 1-7: Taste of the ancients for agriculture; the first wreaths of corn at Rome; the jugerum of land; the price of corn; writers upon agriculture; on buying land; arrangements for a farmhouse 33:14 Video YouTube pending
19 19 - Book 18, Chapters 8-17 :Maxims of the ancients on agriculture; the different kinds of grains; the history of grain; spelt; wheat; barley; rice; polenta; tragum; amylum 29:39 Video YouTube pending
20 20 - Book 18, Chapters 18-29: Barley; arinca and other kinds of grain; winter wheat; wheat in Africa; sesame; the mode of grinding corn; millet; leaven; the method of making bread; when bakers were first introduced in Rome; alica 25:53 Video YouTube pending
21 21 - Book 18, Chapters 30-45: Leguminous plants; the bean; the chick-peas; the kidney-beans; the rape; the turnip; the lupine; the fitch; silicia; farrago; lucerne; the diseases of grain; the remedies for the diseases of grain 26:22 Video YouTube pending
22 22 - Book 18, Chapters 46-53: Crops sown in different soils; cultivations by various nations; various kinds of ploughs; the mode of ploughing; extreme fertility of soil; the manuring of land 19:06 Video YouTube pending
23 23 - Book 18, Chapters 54-66: How to acertain the quality of seed; how much grain requisite for a jugerum; the proper times for sowing; arrengement of the stars; the rising and setting of the stars; the epochs of the seasons; the proper time for winter so 34:17 Video YouTube pending
24 24 - Book 18, Chapters 67-71: Work for spring; hay-making; the summer solstice; causes of sterility; remedies against noxious influences 32:09 Video YouTube pending
25 25 - Book 18, Chapters 72-77: The harvest; the methods of storing corn; the vintage; the revolutions of the moon; the theory of winds; the laying out of lands 31:48 Video YouTube pending
26 26 - Book 18, Chapters 78-90: Prognostic derived from the sun; prognostics derived from the moon; prognostics derived from the stars; prognostics derived from thunder; prognostics derived from clouds; prognostics derived from animals; prognostics derived 20:41 Video YouTube pending
27 27 - Book 19, Chapters 1-9: The nature of flax; how flax is sown; principal varieties of flax; the mode of preparing flax; linen made of asbestos; the nature of spartum; the mode of preparing spartum 24:41 Video YouTube pending
28 28 - Book 19, Chapters 10-21: The bulb eriophorus; misy; geranion; maspetum; magydaris; the pleasures of the garden; plants other than grain 24:13 Video YouTube pending
29 29 - Book 19, Chapters 22-31: Twenty different plants that grow in garden; cucumbers; gourds; turnips; radishes; parsnips; skirret; elecampagne; bulbs; the roots, flowers andf leaves of all these plants 28:31 Video YouTube pending
30 30 - Book 19, Chapters 32-40: Varieties of the onion; the leek; garlic; growth of plants; the nature of the various seeds; different kinds of plants; the nature of garden plants; endive; beet 29:52 Video YouTube pending
31 31 - Book 19, Chapters 41-52: Cabbages; wild and cultivated asparagus; thistles; rue; parsley; mint; olusatrum; caraway; lovage; dittander; gith 23:23 Video YouTube pending
32 32 - Book 19, Chapters 53-62: The poppy; wild thyme; the maladies of garden plants; the proper method of watering gardens; the juices and flavours of gaden herbs; piperitis; summary; Roman author quoted; foreign authors quoted 16:34 Video YouTube pending
33 33 - Book 20, Chapters 1-14: Introduction; remedies made from the wild cucumber; elaterium; anguine; the cultivated cucumber; pepones; the gourd; colocynthis; rape; turnips; wild radish; the cultivated radish; the parsnip 23:01 Video YouTube pending
34 34 - Book 20, Chapters 15-29: Remedies made from the wild parsnip; gingidion; the skirret; sile; elecampane; onions; cutlerk; garlic; the lettuce; hawk-weed; beet; endive 25:56 Video YouTube pending
35 35 - Book 20, Chapters 30-45: Remedies made from cichorium; seris; the cabbage; opinions of the Greeks; cabbage-sprouts; the sea-cabbage; the squill; bulbs; bulbine; garden asparagus; parsley; aplastrum 25:56 Video YouTube pending
36 36 - Book 20, Chapters 46-55: Remedies made from olusatrum; ocimum; rocket; nasturtium; rue; wild mint; mint; pennyroyal; wild pennyroyal 29:11 Video YouTube pending
37 37 - Book 20, Chapters 56-73: Remedies made from nep; cummin; ammi; caper; lovage; cunila bubula; piperitis; origanum; gith; anise; where the best anise is found 28:51 Video YouTube pending
38 38 - Book 20, Chapters 74-86: Remedies made from dill; white and black poppy; the wild poppy; purslain; coriander; orage; the mallow; wild lapathum; cultivated lapathum 30:35 Video YouTube pending
39 39 - Book 20, Chapters 87-100: Remedies made from mustard; marrubium; wild thyme; linseed; blite; meum; fennel; hemp; the thistle; the comoposition of thesiaca; summary; Roman authors quoted; foreign authors quoted 25:09 Video YouTube pending

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